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"From Greek Mythology to Contemporary Images"

It comes from sculpture, a matrix petrified by the hands of a man, a piece of leather awaits a body to make its own life explode into a million pieces, among which are mixed our fears and dreams, our laughter and our many tears, our greatness and our pettiness.
Through the alchemy of the game, the body is ripped from realism, to express the organic being and tell us that love, death, and hunger still constitute the metaphysics of man's first steps and that all that remains is not false illusions, false labyrinths in our psychological desert. These sedentary De Marchi brothers, travelers of the wonderland, make us cross through the looking glass into a carnival of shapes for us to place before our lost faces, ghost of an oblivion that wants to be remembered in the cemetery of appearances.

Alain Le Bon

Foto mostra-laboratorio presso Basilica Palladiana - 1994 Vicenza Foto mostra-laboratorio presso MAMAM di Recife - 1999 (Brasile) Foto mostra-laboratorio presso CIRCU'BU di Saintes- 1998 (Francia) Fratelli De Marchi  - album fotografico - Saintes 93'